5 books I’m currently reading


I just cleaned out my bookcase and I came to the conclusion that I’m currently reading every book in there. My problem is that I never finish a book before I start a new one.
That’s why I made myself a goal: I’m going to read the five books I’m showing you in this post before I get any new ones.
I’m very curious to see whether I’ll succeed…


I read this book once already, but I loved it so much I started reading it again.
Since the second movie comes out the end of this year I really want to go through the whole series again.
I also like them because I got them from my trip to Canterbury last year and that brings up nice memories :)


This next one I almost finished already ^^
I got it in a secondhand bookstore for a few euros and I really didn’t expect I would love it this much! In my opinion the book is way better than the movie.


I haven’t read a lot in this book yet, but I really like the cover.
Yes, that is not a legal reason to like the book itself, but it sure helps!

A few months ago I did a book review on L.A. Candy, Lauren Conrads first book. I loved it a lot, so now I’m reading the second one.  It really is a girly book, but I just happen to like these very much!


Last but not least I want to finish The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling. The version you see on the picture is in Dutch, so that’s why the title is different.
It’s a really bit book, but so far I think that it reads very fast. I’m glad J.K. Rowling wrote another book after her Harry Potter series because I like her writing a lot!

 Happy reading, everyone!

~ Hannelore



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