I got my ear pierced!


My birthday is next wednesday and because I won’t be home then (due to an exchange program) my mom and dad gave me a small present beforehand.

Yesterday I got in the car with my mom without knowing where we were going until we ended up at the jewelry store.
I was really overwhelmed and happy at the same time, I really did not expect this! I decided to get my mid helix pierced and I absolutely love it ^^
It did hurt a bit, but not as much as I expected (thank God!)

I already had my earlobes pierced once on one side and twice on the other so I thought this piercing would match my other ones perfectly :)

Below you can find some pictures that inspired me to get my ear pierced.

Photo by arianehakim • Instagram Cute ear ;)

And some more nice studs. (I especially love the piece sign on the right ^^)

Statigram – Instagram webviewer fearless
(Pictures from weheartit.com)

What do you think about my new piercing?
Do you have/want any?

~ Hannelore



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