Catching Fire makeup look (Katniss Everdeen)


A few days ago the Catching Fire teaser trailer finally came out! I can’t describe how excited I am to go see the movie at the end of this year. In the teaser trailer, Katniss is wearing gorgeous eye makeup. It’s a really dramatic, red look that screams FIRE :)

Hope you like it!

On this picture you can see Katniss’ eye makeup really well.


Step 1:

Apply a red colour all over your eyelid and a bit above it. I don’t own a red eyeshadow, so I used a red lip pencil. It is really pigmented, so I thought it’d be a good idea.
If you put it above your crease, make sure to follow the round shape of your eye. You want to blend it up quite high, but not all the way to your eyebrow.


Step 2:

Now you want to line up a piece of tape with the corner of your eye and your eyebrow. This way you’ll get a really sharp line.
Use a dark brown/red eyeshadow to outline the red. Don’t make it too dark, you just want a bit of depth in your eyes.


Step 3:

In the trailer Katniss has really interesting eyeliner that was kind of hard to recreate. I tried to do copy it the best I can, but it sure wasn’t easy!
First of all you want to line your upper lashline with gel liner. Don’t make the line too thick because it will overpower the look.
When that’s done you want to take a white eyeliner and put a small line right next to your eye. This will make the wing look a lot brighter.


Here you can see the same step but with my eyes open. As you can see I didn’t make the eyeliner too thick.


Step 4:

Now you want to create a wing. You want the wing to be perfectly horizontal, don’t wing it up! Once you did the top line, connect the outside of the wing with your bottom lashline.


Here you can see the eyeliner when I have my eye open. You really want to make it horizontal to elongate your eyes.
Make sure to also line your waterline, but don’t make it too thick!


Step 5:

Now you want to highlight your inner corner and your browbone. This will really illuminate your eyes and make them FIRE-y (like Katniss herself :D)

I decided to also add some dramatic lashes, but you can also just use a ton of mascara.

I hope you liked this somewhat more difficult look. Please let me know what you think of it below!

~ Hannelore

(I’ll add the list of things I used as soon as possible)


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